Cam-Dex Security Corporation
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Cam-Dex Security Corporation is an industry leader in providing custom solutions for Security Integration throughout North America and beyond. Cam-Dex provides security solutions wherever lives and property are at risk. Our breadth of experience includes Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Property Management, Colleges/Universities, and Financial sectors. In the Government sector, our customers include Federal, State, and Municipal agencies nationwide. Founded in 1957, Cam-Dex Security Corporation provides the very best care for our clients, with experienced professional security sales and service teams in both our Kansas City, Kansas, and St. Louis, Missouri, locations. We value establishing long-term relationships with our clients and being true to those relationships. Our flexibility allows us to meet each client’s specific project needs with our access to and certification for many different trusted security equipment brands.
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A PLATFORM THAT EVOLVES WITH YOU With business and security requirements constantly chang- ing, the Keep platform is scalable from one door to global enterprise environments. And, it provides the ultimate in choice to manage your security infrastructure and integrate a broad range of complementary systems or third-party ap- plications using a single API. RestFUL API makes it possible to fully interact with the Keep data for greater agility to easily connect applications to systems both inside and outside the enterprise. From video, intrusion detection to IoT, building automation and other applications, Keep helps you evolve to create more secure, connected and smarter environments. The solution also supports future technologies and applica- tions to ensure your access control system is interoperable with the latest advances in the market.